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I catch my myself buying things all the time “because it’s only 10 bucks” or going out shopping for a new dress because “I’ve already worn the ones I have.” I’m indecisive and impulsive which means I take forever to decide which top to buy and then I just buy them both without trying either of them on. I’ve always shopped for quantity rather than quality. The more clothes I walk out the store with the merrier I am. If you’re anything like the spastic shopping spaz that I am, your closet is probably overflowing with clearance items from H&M that you only wore once,washed, and could never wear again. Thankfully, my passion for impulse shopping is balanced out with my passion for planned out organization. So, here are a few tips on how to properly purge through your closet and reach ultimate closet goals.

1. DO-Only keep what reflects your CURRENT style.
That powder pink Juicy Couture outfit hanging in your closet may have been your biggest obsession of 2005 but it’s time to let it go. Don’t feel the need to hold on to something just because you used to wear it all the time. It served it’s purpose and it was great while it lasted, but your closet should represent who you are today and not who you were 11 years ago. Pull anything out of your closet that you would not buy today if you were shopping. While you’re at it, pull anything out that you might not even be able to find if you were shopping! Sure, some trends may come back, but in that case you’ll be able to buy something similar in the distant future without having to live with the stress of unwanted clutter in the meantime.

2. DON’T- hold on to clothes that don’t fit.
It doesn’t matter what size you used to be or what size you plan to be. If it’s not your size right now don’t hold on to it. I get you may want to hold onto something as “motivation” but rather than clogging up your closet, try rewarding yourself with something new to fit the new you once you get there.

3. DO-Toss anything out that is torn or stained.
The key to purging is being honest with yourself. If you have clothing that is torn or stained and you honestly think that you will take the time (and spend the money) to get it repaired, than keep it. If you don’t see yourself doing that, then just let it go. Your clothing should represent a confident you, how confident can you be with ripped and/or stained clothing?

4. DO-Keep only what you feel confident in.
Now I’m going to expand a little on what I just said about confidence because overall your confidence dictates what you achieve in life and your happiness as a whole. As you may have experienced, what you wear has a major affect on your mood, your motivation, and your confidence in yourself. I’m 26 years old but I look more like I’m 14. Before you attack me for complaining about looking “too young” please note that I do realize it’s a blessing and someday I will be so thankful for it! However, someday isn’t here yet and my 26-year-old-self constantly struggles with not being taken seriously in the work world. When I wear certain things like babydoll style dresses or floral prints not only do I look like a pre-teen with caked on make-up trying to get into a bar, but I feel that way too. So, regardless of how much I may like certain things on a hanger if I don’t feel happy when I wear it, I don’t wear it and don’t need it in my closet.

5. DO-Participate in your own mini-fashion show.
If you aren’t prepared to try a bunch of things on when you make the step to purge your closet, you’re doing it wrong! You can eliminate a huge portion of closet clutter by simply checking-in with what you have and deciding whether or not it still fits ect. While you’re at it, try and put together some pieces that make a cute outfit. Now whenever you get dressed you’ll not only save time by not having to try on things that aren’t flattering but you’ll also have an idea of what looks good together on you.

6. DO-Have someone else take a look.
You don’t have to be Paris Hilton and hire someone like Kim Kardashian to clean out our closet for you. Once you’ve purged on your own you’ve already done the hard part. Have your friend, sister, or even husband (who’s style choices you trust and who you trust to give their honest opinion) take a quick second look at what you’ve decided to keep and see if they can help you minimize it down any more.

7. DO-Pull out empty hangers to maximize space.
Even if you’re in a rush it’ll only take one more second to pull out an empty hanger and hang it at the end of your rack rather than placing it back in. By doing this, you’ll be able to find an empty hanger right when you need it and you’ll be saving space on your rack for looking through clothes. If you want to maximize your space even more consider investing in some thin velvet hangers. You can find a pack of 25 for $10 at Home Goods or Tj. Maxx.

8. DON’T- try to cut back on hangers.
You may feel tempted to hang multiple things on just one hanger-don’t! Yes, this may help save some space on your rack but in doing so, it adds bulk to the center of your closet and makes it more difficult to find the items that aren’t hanging on a separate hanger. I made the mistake of doing this for years and clothes would always go missing because they were hanging with or behind something else. If you can’t see it you’re probably not going to wear it. If you absolutely need to free up space on your rack and you’ve already purged through your clothes, try doubling up on hangers rather than pieces by using a soda can tab to hang hangers onto each other. But again, this will save space on the rack while still creating a little bulkiness.

9. DO-Categorize and color-code.
Lastly, closet goals means your closet is pretty! Categorizing your clothes by type such as button down, long sleeve, short sleeve etc. is the best way to keep your closet organized long-term and look good too. A color-coded closet by itself is really fun to look at but ideally you want to create a system that will realistically work with your behavior patterns. If you wake up thinking I want to wear pink today then having your closet only categorized by color might work for you. However, if you wake up thinking “what should I wear, what’s the weather like”, like most of us do than separating your closet by type of clothing makes more sense. Then, if you still want to color-code after that you can color-code within that category.


  • Avatar
    Rawlins GLAM June 14, 2017 at 1:45 am

    This post is a life saver. I keep all my old clothes that are either out of trend, stained/ ripped and doesn’t fit me anymore. And hopefully, your post will be the guiding light for to me to start clearing the closet.

  • Avatar
    betty liew June 14, 2017 at 10:03 am

    I donate it out. provided the cloth still in a good condition. H&M accepted any donated clothes.

  • Avatar
    Sunshine Kelly June 20, 2017 at 1:32 am

    Thanks for the tips, i need to revamp my closet soon.


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