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I’ve always had the tendency to impulsively change my home around whenever I feel it’s getting stale. I say “impulsively” because this sudden need for a switch up usually happens at around 1am in the morning when I can’t sleep.  I’ve done everything from rearranged furniture to painted my walls until 5am. I’m just going to take a wild guess here and assume that you’re not as OCD as I am when it comes to this. Still, I’m sure you could use some fresher vibes every now and then, am I right? Here are 10 things you can stop doing immediately to give your home a fresher, light and airy feel.

Overdoing the framed picture display

Displaying too many frames on a shelf or table can definitely make your home seem heavy and stuffed rather than light and airy. You don’t want  your decor to feel like clutter. Instead, limit yourself to displaying just a few and create a gallery wall with all the rest.

Hanging absolutely everything on your fridge

I get that you’re proud of your kids’ turkey hand drawing but try to pick and choose, or at least rotate, what’s on your fridge. Too many things, including extra magnets, will make your kitchen seem messy. Limit yourself to hanging things such as reminders and maybe one or two pictures.

Displaying toiletries 

You really don’t need to display every single Victoria Secret body spray you’ve ever owned on your bedroom dresser or bathroom counter. Instead, limit yourself to just a couple of your nicest perfumes. Store all your other toiletries somewhere less distracting such as in a drawer or cabinet.

Decorating with a collection of items that are smaller than a cantaloupe 

The more the eye has to look at the more congested your space will feel. Create a fresher vibe by decorating with few larger items rather than an entire collection of smaller ones.

Having non-daily use kitchen appliances living on your counter

Friends always walk into my kitchen and say, “why does yours seem so much bigger than mine?” (I live in military housing where all the houses are literally the exact same) or they’ll say, “oh my gosh it’s so clean!” My kitchen isn’t any bigger and it’s definitely not always clean. I do try to make it feel that way though by not storing any appliances on my counter that I don’t use everyday. On my counter you’ll find our toaster oven and our Kuerig. That’s it! Even though we use our blender pretty often, I still keep it off the counter.

Storing office supplies on your desk

On my desk, I apply the same rule as I do for my kitchen. I know I’m not going to have a calculator or paperclip emergency. I store those items elsewhere and keep my desk pretty bare. You can even store them altogether in a box and bring the box out whenever you’re at your desk. Then put it away once you’re done.

Collecting plastic grocery bags

Here’s another easy fix to an unorganized feeling kitchen. So many of us do this, especially under our sinks. There’s no need to hold onto 5 billion plastic grocery bags even if you use them for your pets. Every time you unpack your groceries, keep just enough to last you until the next time you shop and recycle the rest.

Not making your bed

Studies have actually shown that making your bed every day encourages a happier life! Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment, creates a lower-stress environment, and promotes a positive mind at bed time. It also gives the impression that your home is in order even if it isn’t.

Keeping your windows and blinds shut

Whenever I’d visit my dad, my step mom would always nag me about not opening the blinds when I got out of bed each day. As I got older, I started to understand her thought process! When my blinds are closed my home feels muggy and depressing. Opening them every morning not only makes my space seem fresher and more put together (even if it’s a mess), it also makes me feel more energized and ready to conquer my day. Also, don’t forget to crack open a window every once in a while to allow some air to circulate!

Letting your laundry pile up

“I love doing laundry” said, no one EVER. Trust me, I hate it just as much as anyone else but push yourself to get it done! Fold it the same day and keep that pile low. We’re all in this together!

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