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Our last apartment was so tiny we only had about 6 pieces of furniture total. When we moved I decided to get rid of all but our bed frame. I figured it was time to upgrade and by not having anything at all, it would push me to save my money and buy better quality stuff. However, anyone who knows me well knows that once I get excited about something I can’t sleep, eat, or think about anything else. So, of course, the minute we arrived to our new home in Sicily with absolutely no other furniture besides a bed frame, all my prior thoughts about taking my time to save went straight out the window. I couldn’t wait to start furnishing!  With no car, being so unfamiliar with our new surroundings, and now living in military housing where we aren’t allowed to have items shipped to our door, I began to scour all over Facebook for community sale pages. I got lucky and found a local Sicilian lady selling a 1960’s-1970’s vintage velvet couch with two matching chairs. She was asking only $300 for the set, delivery included! It was obviously a little worn and would need some fixing up eventually because of it’s age but that didn’t bother me so much. In fact, I prefer vintage furniture! I was more iffy about its mossy-ish green color, which up until this point, had probably been my least favorite shades of green. However, I figured the set was worth a lot more than what I was buying it for and could always change the fabric later down the road if it didn’t grow on me at some point. Plus, I could have it “now” and honestly, that’s really what it came down to.

Anyway, here’s what’s currently happening in my living room. I’m actually really loving the color now especially when the sun beams on it!


To check out my living room renter friendly DIY-ed wall, click here

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