Lifesaving Cheat Sheet for Downsizing Any Size Household

Even after you thought you were being absolutely ruthless about letting things go, your home still feels overcrowded. You got rid of some things that were stained, some things that were torn, and some things that you’ve never used, but there’s still too much stuff and not enough space.

Here is a complete numbers guide to help you downsize your home whether it’s just you and your furbaby or your family of 8. Of course, you may have to make a few adjustments based on what makes most sense for you and your family’s personal lifestyle. However, this list should help give you a general feel for what is typically necessary and what it isn’t. Good luck!

Bed & Bath

Towels: 2-3 per person, 2 per guest, 1 junk (cut up the rest to use as rags or donate)

Linens: 2 sets per bed


Spatulas: 2

Every single other food prep utensil (ie. openers, scooper, whisk, colander ect.): 1 of each

Forks and Spoons: 2 per person

Bowls and Plates: 3 per person

Water bottles: 1-2 per person

Travel mugs: 1-2 per person

Drinking glasses and mugs: 2-3 per person

Magnets on Fridge: 7


Purses: 6

Shoes: no more than 20!


Hair Styling tools: 1-2 brushes (if they’re different from each other), 1 Straightener, 1 Curler

Mascara/Foundation/Concealer/Blush: 1 for winter, 1 for summer *toss out any mascara older than 3 months

Nail polish: no more than 15













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