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Everyone wants to live a clutter free life but when it actually comes down to the declutter process, letting go can be hard. I get it, the anxiety of throwing something away that you may “need” later makes it almost impossible. I’m not here to convince you to give up that teddy bear you got as a gift from your ex (although, you should), but I do hope to at least give you a tiny tug to introduce you to a more organized lifestyle. To help you declutter, here’s a complete list of 25 things everyone can get rid of without any future regret. Be relentless, you can do it!

  1. Magazines older than 3 months
  2. Manuals
  3. Recipe books you rarely use-You can always look up recipes on the internet if you need to
  4. Alarm clock
  5. Things to sell that aren’t worth more than $10 (Mom, if you’re reading, this one’s for you!)
  6. Magnets on your fridge from Dr’s offices/restaurants ect.
  7. Expired calendars you’re keeping for the pictures
  8. TV’s, stereos, desktop computers, and any other electronics you no longer use
  9. A desk you have no need for.-Take note of your family’s lifestyle habits. If your children do their homework in the living room rather than at said desk and you have no need for an actual home office get rid of it!
  10. Tarnished costume jewelry
  11. Unused exercise equipment
  12. Old makeup.
  13. Old toiletries you’ve had forever and never use, especially if they’re from a hotel!
  14. Random keys
  15. Unfinished projects
  16. Items belonging to someone else that they have not claimed in over a year
  17. Party invites and cards that have no sentimental value
  18. Anything you’re keeping only because it was a gift-The gift of organization is worth way more!
  19. Any old receipts that are not being kept for tax purposes
  20. Wires and chords you aren’t using/don’t know what they belong to
  21. Old cell phones and cases
  22. DVD’s you don’t care to watch again
  23. Books you’ve already read
  24. Brochures and business cards with information you can just Google
  25. Old bills, window envelopes, and expired coupons


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    Alvin Lau April 12, 2017 at 11:36 am

    I’m guilty of some of those! I have toys from my childhood (over 10 years ago)! I wonder if I’ll ever get rid of the hoarder in me.

    • Avatar
      HIShadiaHarper April 12, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      haha it’s funny you mention that. It’s okay to keep a couple that mean the most to you! I never kept a single one and really wish I had so that someday I can pass it on to my future kids.


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