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This last September I had my most difficult clients yet. There I sat for about 20 minutes watching them jump on their beds, push, and bite each other all while screaming at the top of their lungs. They wanted me to give them the princess room of their dreams but wanted no part of the process. Sound familiar? Yeah, I’m talking about kids! Okay, so I don’t actually have kids of my own yet. However, as a home organizer I see it so often. Maintaining organization with kiddos running the house is hard. Luckily, I do think I’ve gotten pretty good with figuring out how to make the organization process fun enough to get some work done. On this particular week, I worked with two little ladies ages 6 and 7. Together, we wiped out almost HALF of the clutter in their room. This is how we did it!

Kids Bop Radio on Pandora

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m decluttering or doing any housework for that matter, I need music!! Introduce your kids to “the zone” by playing some of their favorite jams.


I had no idea this would be so motivating for them at such young ages but it was. Before we started, I took a moment to explain how their donations could help children their same age who don’t have any clothes, toys, or books. I made them think about the difference they could make in these kids’ lives. They were suddenly so much more excited to give!

Start small

We didn’t tackle the entire room in one day. Instead, we did one section at a time.

Make it a game

You can get creative with this one! My game was extremely simple and rather pointless for them but it helped me accomplish what I needed to do. I made them close their eyes while I pick up two books at a time. When I gave the go ahead to look, they had to quickly yell out “keep” or “giveaway”. If they couldn’t agree it was automatically a “keep”. Since they were going through the “I’m not a baby anymore” phase, they were pretty cutthroat. Once we were done with purging, I assigned each of us separate colors and we raced to color code.

Keep a donations bin

This method works particularly well for purging clothes and could even work for the adults in the house. Keep a bin in the corner of your kids’ room for donating any clothes that they pull out while getting dressed and decide they no longer want. My little niece would wear the same exact outfit all summer. When I went up to her room to suggest other outfit choices, everything was “It doesn’t fit” or “I don’t like that”. So, I put a designated “I don’t like this” spot in place. Try it for a month and see how it works. You may have to remind them a few times that it’s there, but if they actually get into the swing of it, you’ll never have to the take time out of your schedule to purge again!

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