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I  have absolutely zero shame in my long time love to furniture flip. When I got my first apartment I would drive all around my neighborhood looking for curbside “junk”that I could transform. The first reason is because I actually enjoy the process. The second reason is because I like having unique items that not everyone can find. The third reason, and perhaps the most obvious reason, is because I’m broke! Recently, I had been looking for a small table to put in my entryway but was too cheap to buy one brand new. Luckily, I came across this gem and bought it for only 15 bucks. Check out it’s makeover and read about how to DIY!






Step 1: Wipe clean

First, I made sure to wipe the table clean. Any dirt, dust, ect., will be stuck there forever once you paint and it WILL show up.

Step 2: Prime

Before painting, I used two coats of primer. I allowed about 20 minutes of dry time between coats.

Step 3: Paint

Once, the primer dried I painted on two coats of paint. I made sure the first coat was completely dry before applying the second. Dry times will vary depending on what type of paint your using.

Step 4: Add gold detail

At the time of this project I had already been working on two other pieces of furniture the days before. Honestly, by the time it came to the gold detail I had gotten lazy. Rather than doing something complicated I decided to use two stripes of painters tape in the middle of the drawer and just spray paint the edges.

Step 5: Knob

I took this knob off of a broken dresser that someone threw out and I spray painted gold. I’ve seen individual knobs for sale though at Zara Home, H&M Home, Maison Du Monde (overseas), and Amazon. 99% of them you can easily screw in by hand, no tools required.

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