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If you’ve ever searched “gallery wall hack” I’m almost positive you’ve seen the butcher paper trick. It’s absolutely genius, but for me, there’s one problem. A roll of butcher paper starts at about $30. If you don’t have any other use for whatever’s left over once you’ve created your gallery wall, not only will you have wasted a ton of paper, but you also just wasted your money. Because of this, I’ve come up with a better solution. It’s the same general butcher paper method that doesn’t require any cutting. However, my solution involves a shower curtain liner from the Dollar Tree (preferably plain white), measuring tape or a ruler, and a marker. That’s it…I just saved you $29 bucks! Keep scrolling for the complete step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect gallery wall the easiest and cheapest way.

Step One: Plan

Lay your shower curtain liner down flat on the floor. Place your art on top and plan exactly how you want it to hang on your wall. Don’t be afraid to play around with different layouts. If you’re indecisive like I am, take a picture of each layout before you change it. This way you can try every possible option without worrying about not being able to go back to your favorite. Once you’ve decided on a set lay out TAKE A PICTURE of it.

Step Two: Mark and measure

With your marker, outline of each frame or object so that you have a general map drawn out on your curtain. Next, remove each frame or object and measure from its top edge and sides to determine exactly where your nail hole should go. Mark that spot on your curtain. When you do this, to avoid confusion, do not remove the next frame until the hole for your previous one has been marked on the curtain.

Step Three: Take it to the wall

Hang your shower curtain liner on your wall with either thumb tacks, tape, or nails if you don’t mind the extra two tiny marks on your wall. Take a step back to make sure the curtain is straight and exactly where you want it. If it looks good go ahead and hammer your nails into your nail marks mapped on the curtain. Once all nails are in, carefully pop your curtain out from under the nails and hang up your artwork! Refer back to your layout picture if you need to.



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