Ikea is a great place to shop when your ballin’ on a budget, but just because you pay a cheap price to furnish your home doesn’t mean your space has to look that way. Normally, I wouldn’t purchase something non-vintage with the intentions on putting work into. However, because full price at Ikea typically means I’m spending around $20, it’s totally worth the extra effort. It’s even more worth it when that extra effort only costs me 5 dollars and 10 minutes! For this project I took two basic dining chairs that I bought for $24.99 each and spray painted the legs gold. When I purchased the dining chairs the legs came unattached to the seats. On any other occasion this would annoy me because the process of assembling Ikea furniture is the worst!! For this project though, I was thankful. The legs being unattached meant that no painter’s tape was needed, which made this even easier. I simply took  about 10 minutes to lay a tarp down on my driveway, spray paint the legs gold, let them let dry, and then screw them into the seats. Just a quick DIY Ikea hack like this one made my cheap chairs look a lot fancier. Don’t you think?

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