Unless you’re someone of the A-list breed who has 99 problems but square footage ain’t one, why wouldn’t you want to add a little more square footage to your home? There are a ton of ways to trick the eye and false advertise what’s under that roof from your choice of furniture to your choice in art. Here are several easy and budget friendly ways to make your space feel bigger.


  • Ditch the blinds and leave your windows bare or use sheer curtains that let lots of sunlight in.
  • Hang curtains as high above the windows as possible.

Wall Decor

  • Hang artwork and pictures vertically rather than side by side and hang them slightly above the average persons eye level (average meaning not mine).
  • Hang up an oversize piece of art or tapestry
  • Create a floor to ceiling gallery wall to draw the eye upwards.


  • Paint or wallpaper on the ceiling makes the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.


  • Choose furniture that is multifunctional like an ottoman that you can double up as a coffee table.
  • Choose furniture that is raised, meaning you want furniture that has legs and space underneath.
  • Pull your furniture inwards rather than having it right up against the wall.
  • Opt for glass or clear acrylic tables.


  • Go with neutral or lighter paint colors on your walls, cabinets and furniture.
  • Pick a color scheme of no more than three or choose one main color to elongate and create consistency.

Cantaloupe Rule

  • Avoid decor smaller than a Cantaloupe. Go for fewer items that are larger.


  • Go for table and floor tables rather than overhead lighting.
  • Always allow as much natural light in as possible.


  • Hang mirrors up to reflect windows and pretty spaces across the room.


  • Use a clear shower curtain or glass door in a small bathroom.
  • Hang towels behind the bathroom door.




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