Every month, my friend Kathryn and I pick one day to request off work for a “friend day”. It’s our one day each month that we meet up early in the morning for a doggy play date, and then spend the rest of our day home store hopping, plant shopping, and doing everything else we can’t do with our husbands. This past “friend day” we DIY-ed these shag chairs for my dining room.

The family a few houses down had tossed them out on the curbside, and because I simply can’t resist furniture and fur-babies in need of a home, I took them in! Originally, I was going for a much darker shade of shag but I ordered standard Rit Dye instead of Rit Dye for Synthetic Fabrics. I love the way they turned out anyway, but if you’re going for a darker shade of shag make sure to use the Rit dye for synthetic fabrics. The standard dye works better for fabrics like cotton.


DIY Shag Dining Room Chairs


DIY Shag Dining Room Chairs DIY Shag Dining Room Chair


-4 of these Ikea shag rugs (one rug wouldn’t fit my 17×17 inch seats, so I had to get one rug per seat and cut)


-Staple gun

-Rit Dye for Synthetic Fabrics (use this chart here to determine how much dye you need to reach your desired color)


-Stirring tools (we used kitchen spatulas)


  1. Measure and cut your shag rugs into desired size.
  2. Fill up your tub with scorching hot water.
  3. Mix dye into the water and stir so that color is even.
  4. Submerge your rugs into the water and stir every few minutes for 15-60 minutes. Tip: The longer you leave them in the darker the color will be.
  5. Rinse with cold water and air dry. Do not place them in the dryer.












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