A year ago I was trying to decide what kind of space it was that I really wanted. Most people I encounter typically navigate towards a home vibe that feels tranquil with neutral colors and natural materials. While that is certainly beautiful, and maybe  what a high-strung, meditation-deprived person like myself needs, I decided what I really wanted was a space that made me feel the way I do when I’m wearing my highest heals and my boldest outfit, while listening to my favorite song on the loudest volume. Why? Well, when I think of some of my happiest days I think back to my very early 20’s when I always looked my best, did whatever I wanted, and had a drive like no other. My nights were filled with adventure from open-mic nights, art shows, and drunk visits to the Washington monuments…my days consumed with my love for drawing, photography, and making my first apartment my own little home. My roommate Gigi who was also my best friend, was working as a wardrobe stylist at the time and between the two of us we were spewing confidence, creativeness, and inspiration all over the place. That’s the version of me I forever want to channel. Through the use of funky art, high-contrast colors, and personal touches in our new living room makeover, I think I’ve done it!


It’s hard to choose what I love most about our new living room. I’d have to say it’s between my bright orange print I found at the thrift store, my David bust that I splattered with hot pink paint, my rug, my DIY-ed coffee table, or my ultra violet candles…so…almost everything in this room. My husband insisted on this Ikea sectional and even though I was so against it at first, I have to admit, I could now probably throw it onto my favorites list too as it’s incredibly practical and really effing comfortable! What do you think?

Shop this look:

Blackout Curtains

Black and White Rug


Floor Lamp

Side Table (I spray painted it gold)


To see what this space looked like prior to our living room makeover click here. Note: My vintage green couch was damaged by one of our foster pups, hence we have moved it to storage until it can be repaired in the future.



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