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Harp Deco Freebie Free Abstract Wall Art Printable PDF

Free wall art printable for all you Harp Deco email subscribers!

Recently, I purchased several Etsy prints. While I was navigating through tons of prints though, it dawned on me that a lot of the stuff I was seeing I could probably just create myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are some extremely talented Etsy artists out there, but because I’m a cheap ass, and also a graphic design major, it…

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Dining room interiorstyle inspiration

Revamp Reveal: Dining Room

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following along on Instagram (see my Instagram here) I’m sure by now you’ve completely lost interest in my dining room reveal thanks to how long I took to post it….I know, I’m the worst! Let me explain though, nothing I do is ever good enough in my eyes and no space in my home is ever actually…

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Eclectic Regency inspired bedroom revamp inspiration

Revamp Reveal: My Regency Inspired Bedroom

As a child, our home was always spotless, overly fancy, and very tailored with an un-expected spark. My mom had a love for gold accents, antique furniture, and quirky touches.  As I got older, it was clear that I grew to be a lot more like my mother than I could have ever imagined, and I’m not talking about her…

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DIY Shag Dining Room Chairs

Tutorial: Dining Chairs Go Sappy to Shag

Every month, my friend Kathryn and I pick one day to request off work for a “friend day”. It’s our one day each month that we meet up early in the morning for a doggy play date, and then spend the rest of our day home store hopping, plant shopping, and doing everything else we can’t do with our husbands.…

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Modern black and white home interior decor gallery wall how to maximize small spaces ideas

How to Add Size Better Than a Vicky Push-Up Bra

Unless you’re someone of the A-list breed who has 99 problems but square footage ain’t one, why wouldn’t you want to add a little more square footage to your home? There are a ton of ways to trick the eye and false advertise what’s under that roof from your choice of furniture to your choice in art. Here are several…

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Easy DIY Ikea hack idea table home decor decorative tray on a budget

DIY Decorative Tray Table for Those Ballin’ on a Budget

With the weather being so nice this past weekend I was motivated to get an outdoor seating area going. I’m really trying to not spend right now because we have our 3 year anniversary coming up in a few weeks and my husbands birthday right after. Still, I felt like it was a top 3 priority to create a small…

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Fun DIY ideas for budget friendly kitchen decor

DIY Sweet and Sour Aprons

Technically I’ve been an adult since I turned 18 but I hadn’t really felt like a true “grown up” until this year. This year, I gave gardening another shot with a lemon tree and managed to successfully keep it alive for longer than a week. I finally established an understanding for the “quality over quantity” concept. I quit smoking, cut…

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Trash to treasure DIY vintage furniture flea market flip shabby chic white and gold

Trash to Treasure DIY: Vintage Nightstand Transformation

When we initially moved into our new home with close to nothing to furnish it with, I wanted to decorate it with a plan. I figured I’d start with the areas others would see the most like the living room, dining room, and downstairs bath, and then move my way up to the second floor. I swore to myself that…

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workspace interior design inspiration black and white trendy gold style ideas

Create Your Perfect Workspace With These 8 Essentials

This weeks was just one of those weeks. The kind where you feel completely uninspired. The weather sucked which left me with severe cabin fever and my cabin fever only made me feel isolated and blah. Every time I’d received a text, I found myself wanting to pour out negativity and I hate being that girl. The truth is that…

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Easy Ikea hack idea dining table dining room inspo gold spray paint home decor blogger

DIY Ikea Hack: From Cheap to Chic Dining

Ikea is a great place to shop when your ballin’ on a budget, but just because you pay a cheap price to furnish your home doesn’t mean your space has to look that way. Normally, I wouldn’t purchase something non-vintage with the intentions on putting work into. However, because full price at Ikea typically means I’m spending around $20, it’s totally…

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