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eclectic living room inspo for renters

2 Ways for Broke Renters to Decorate With Tape

So far my years as a renter have been pretty fortunate. I’ve never encountered a landlord who wasn’t nice enough to let me paint the walls with the condition that I paint them back before I move out. However, I have heard of other renters you aren’t so lucky. Still, sometimes it just isn’t worth the money or the hassle…

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Easy Budget Home Decor Gallery Wall Hack Ideas

Secret Gallery Wall Hack for the Broke Perfectionist

If you’ve ever searched “gallery wall hack” I’m almost positive you’ve seen the butcher paper trick. It’s absolutely genius, but for me, there’s one problem. A roll of butcher paper starts at about $30. If you don’t have any other use for whatever’s left over once you’ve created your gallery wall, not only will you have wasted a ton of paper,…

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flea markets finds furniture flip trash to treasure

Trash to Treasure: Entryway Table Furniture Flip

I  have absolutely zero shame in my long time love to furniture flip. When I got my first apartment I would drive all around my neighborhood looking for curbside “junk”that I could transform. The first reason is because I actually enjoy the process. The second reason is because I like having unique items that not everyone can find. The third…

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eclectic black and white living room, vintage velvet couch and gold decor

Bold Black and White Living Room with Vintage Velvet Couch

Our last apartment was so tiny we only had about 6 pieces of furniture total. When we moved I decided to get rid of all but our bed frame. I figured it was time to upgrade and by not having anything at all, it would push me to save my money and buy better quality stuff. However, anyone who knows…

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Fresh white light and airy home

10 Things to Stop Doing Immediately for a Light and Airy Home

I’ve always had the tendency to impulsively change my home around whenever I feel it’s getting stale. I say “impulsively” because this sudden need for a switch up usually happens at around 1am in the morning when I can’t sleep.  I’ve done everything from rearranged furniture to painted my walls until 5am. I’m just going to take a wild guess…

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