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Create Your Perfect Workspace With These 8 Essentials

This weeks was just one of those weeks. The kind where you feel completely uninspired. The weather sucked which left me with severe cabin fever and my cabin fever only made me feel isolated and blah. Every time I’d received a text, I found myself wanting to pour out negativity and I hate being that girl. The truth is that…

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6 Steps to an Organized Pantry

You just went grocery shopping but putting it all away feels like a game of Tetris. There’s no place to fit anything because your pantry is stuffed with things you don’t even remember you have. You constantly have to choose between wasting  your money on buying something you could’ve sworn you bought last time, or wasting your time trying to…

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Home organization for moms. How to declutter with kids

Organization for Moms: How to Make Decluttering Fun for Your Kids

This last September I had my most difficult clients yet. There I sat for about 20 minutes watching them jump on their beds, push, and bite each other all while screaming at the top of their lungs. They wanted me to give them the princess room of their dreams but wanted no part of the process. Sound familiar? Yeah, I’m…

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Makeup Hoarder’s Guide to Decluttering

Even though we are so different in so many different ways, there’s one thing that I can pretty much guarantee a huge portion of us here have in common and that is our love for beauty products! We all love to get dolled up even if we don’t do it every day. I mean, what’s that Elizabeth Taylor quote? ”…

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Declutter Guide: 25 Things To Get Rid of Today

Everyone wants to live a clutter free life but when it actually comes down to the declutter process, letting go can be hard. I get it, the anxiety of throwing something away that you may “need” later makes it almost impossible. I’m not here to convince you to give up that teddy bear you got as a gift from your…

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Beginners Guide to Downsizing Any Size Household

Even after you thought you were being absolutely ruthless about letting things go, your home still feels overcrowded. You got rid of some things that were stained, some things that were torn, and some things that you’ve never used, but you still feel like there’s not enough space for anything. This is probably the most common problem I hear from…

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10 Things to Stop Doing Immediately for a Light and Airy Home

I’ve always had the tendency to impulsively change my home around whenever I feel it’s getting stale. I say “impulsively” because this sudden need for a switch up usually happens at around 1am in the morning when I can’t sleep.  I’ve done everything from rearranged furniture to painted my walls until 5am. I’m just going to take a wild guess…

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Closet Goals Dos and Don’ts

I catch my myself buying things all the time “because it’s only 10 bucks” or going out shopping for a new dress because “I’ve already worn the ones I have.” I’m indecisive and impulsive which means I take forever to decide which top to buy and then I just buy them both without trying either of them on. I’ve always…

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How to Tackle the Unpack After a Hectic Move

I have finally arrived to my new home in Sunny Sigonella! Bobby (my husband) arrived several weeks ago but because of delays with my Visa and other annoying reasons I was forced to stay behind. Anyway, because I am just now arriving, I missed the movers when they came to drop off our household goods. Bobby was here to let them in and…

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