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Things to do, Travel Alhambra Granada, Spain

The Greatest of Granada, Spain: Alhambra Palace

By the end of our tour through the Alhambra, I subconsciously developed a new graceful glide to my walk, and a bizarre soulful softness to my tone like some type of a Cleopatra, Princess Jasmine wannabe. The fortress and palace where the VIP’s of the Moorish monarchy once walked is anything but basic. The complexity of the architectural detail is…

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Best things to do Barcelona budget travel

The Best of Barcelona on a Budget

Barcelona is by far my favorite city we visited in Spain. Of course, this fun, trendy city also comes with a price…and it’s not a cheap one! Of the 6 cities we visited in 8 days on our road trip through Spain, we spent the most money on our Airbnb in Barcelona alone. As a result, we wanted to be…

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Travel Cassible Sicily, Italy beaches blogger

Cliff Jumping the Clear Blue Waters of Cassible Beach, Sicily

If you’re all friends jump off a cliff are you going to jump off too? Yes, the answer is yes if this particular cliff is the not-so-well kept secret spot in Cassible! Okay, obviously you should take it upon yourself to check that it’s safe the day you go as the water level does sometimes change. Please DO NOT assume that…

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Travel Agrigento Sicily Valley of the Temples Turkish Steps

Valley of the Temples + Turkish Steps in Agrigento

The hubs and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary the weekend before last. Even after 3 years sometimes it’s still so surreal to me. No other relationship I have ever been in has been nearly as fun and uncomplicated. Don’t get me wrong, he still gets on my last nerve waayy too often but there’s so many things that make…

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Cavagrande Natural Reserve hike things to do travel Sicily Italy

Hiking Beautiful Cavagrande, Sicily’s Hidden Gem

Even though I have never actually experienced childbirth myself, I imagine it is something similar to Cavagrande. The hike back up was so dreadful I began to re-evaluate my entire life and all the moments leading up to that very one. I just remember thinking, “How the hell has this been done so many times before?, How do people live…

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Things to do Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily Travel Europe

What to Do With Only 2 Hours in Ortigia

When we relocated to Sicily we left our car behind in hopes of selling it and paying off our loan which wasn’t the best of planning on our part. You see, when you hear me tell you that I live in Sicily, you probably think I’m walking down to the corner cafe each morning and grabbing a cup of espresso.…

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Organized travel suitcase hack ideas professional organizer

11 Most Efficient Ways to Pack Your Suitcase

It’s been exactly 64 days since my husband and I parted with our bright little beach cottage in Southern California. That’s exactly 64 days now that I have been living out of a suitcase while we wait to settle into our new home. Whether you’re preparing to go through a military PCS (as I currently am), or you’re just an indecisive over-packer (which I…

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