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Testimonials -


“Shadia was so nice! My closet and my son’s are now perfectly organized! She was on time, and even brought me a coffee. She listened to my ideas and made our closets so functional! Definitely recommend her for all of your organizing needs!”
-Amanda A.


“Shadia is amazing! My whole house got trashed in a flood and she’s helping me pack out and unpack to have the floors redone and all my walls redone! She’s a god send for purging and organising! Bless you Shadia! This whole flood/construction/remodel nightmare has just become the easiest thing on the planet thanks to you!”
-Genevieve Catherine


“A big thank you to Shadia! I hadn’t changed my wall decor in years. Shadia came over, and in a matter of two hours, she rearranged my photos and created a beautiful gallery wall out of my existing items. She was the fresh pair of eyes I needed! Thank you so much!”
-Carrie N.


“Shout-out to Harper Interiors! She spent the morning at my house organizing my entire kitchen…I didn’t realize how much space I had. If anyone needs help with organizing she is your lady! Thanks again.”
-Melissa G.


“Let me start by saying, I did not think of myself as a disorganized person. I had some bins and my version of a ‘system’ but wow, was I WRONG! Shadia is seriously amazing at what she does. My husband and I recently made a major move from the US to Italy and I am so thankful to have had Shadia to help me get my life back in order! She was able to help me get my new home organized in no time. She misses no detail, we even went through my storage bins and condensed them in a more practical way (I thought I had done a good purge before moving turns out I missed some things ;D). Thanks to Shadia I learned it takes another person asking me questions like ‘how often do you use this?’ to really get me thinking how much useless crap I had been carting around with me all these years. Thank you SO much for helping me!! You have an amazing eye for design and organization. ”                                                                   –Kathryn R.


“Shadia is amazing! She helped me organize our clothes so that we could maximize these tiny closets. She also helped with or kitchen pantry and even came with a label maker, baskets and more to help make it look all neat and nice.”                                                –Maddie M.