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The hubs and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary the weekend before last. Even after 3 years sometimes it’s still so surreal to me. No other relationship I have ever been in has been nearly as fun and uncomplicated. Don’t get me wrong, he still gets on my last nerve waayy too often but there’s so many things that make it so awesome. Now and then I think about how all my friends freaked out when I first told them we wanted to get married. Granted, 23 was extremely young but I think everyone is immediately under the impression that when people get married their life is over. They don’t have fun, they don’t go out, they get caught up raising a family, and just live the rest of their lives shut out of normal society. Sure, in some cases it’s probably true but since I got married 3 years ago everything’s been pretty much the same as it was before. If anything, I’ve done a lot more, just with Bobby by my side.

Okay, so back to my purpose of this post! For our anniversary what we both really, really wanted was to explore more of Sicily. Bobby’s ideal vacay is more of a chill on a beach with a beer kind of vacay while I’m a little more A.D.D. Of course, I LOVE the beach too, but I also like to do things that are a little more cultural like museums and historical sites. We decided on the town of Agrigento where we could have the beach and cool sites all in one.

We got an Airbnb in Porto Empedocle which was only about 9 minutes from the Valley of Temples and about 6 minutes to the Turkish Steps. Somehow we managed to completely ignore the “Porto” part and didn’t realize that our Airbnb was located on a beach right next to a port where ships dock. Even though this meant there was no way we were getting in the water, we were still happy that our fur babies got to enjoy it. Porto Empedocle was a cute little area with a strip of restaurants only 5 minutes from where we stayed. The first night we drove over to the strip on via Roma, parked our car, paid “the parking mafia,” and sat to eat at a casual little outdoor restaurant called Il Ritrova. This place may not look like much, but I’m telling you, their food was BOMB. I got a pesto pasta that tasted like no other pesto pasta I have ever had and my Bobby got his usual pistachio pizza that definitely didn’t taste so usual.

The next day was the highlight of our weekend for sure. We woke up super early and took Mila and Vinny a.k.a Vincenzo (our dogs) out to the beach. We ate a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast and head out to the steps first.

Note: I think if we were to do this again we would go later in the afternoon when the sun isn’t as strong and there are fewer people.

Scala dei Turchi a.k.a The Turkish Steps, White Wall, or Clay Beach

Since we got there early we were able to find rock star parking right on the street but there is a large pay-to-park parking lot for those not as lucky. To get to the steps you actually have to go down a lot of steps. Remember, what goes down must come up! Those stairs are not fun to walk on your way back up in the scorching sun-just a heads up! Once you go down the initial stairs to the beach you’ll need to walk down in the “right” direction (no pun intended) towards the white wall, steps, or whatever else you want to call this beautiful chunk of clay. Yes, it is clay and it will rub off on your clothes so don’t dress too cute!

Admission: Free


Valle dei Templi a.k.a Valley of the Temples

We parked in the parking lot and paid about 5 euro upon leaving. If you can, TAKE THE TAXI from your car up to the temples! It’s 3 euro per person but well worth it. We didn’t see any less by doing so. The taxi dropped us off at the top entrance of the park where we purchased our tickets and received a map. We paid extra for the english guide but didn’t find it very useful at all. It’s an audio device that you hold up to your ear not an actual tour guide like we assumed. The first temple we saw was the Temple of Juno. Then, we made our way down the trail seeing all the others on the way. About an hour later you will have seen every last temple and be right back at your car!

Admission: 10 euro each + 3 euro each for museum passes.

Note: The museum was extremely tiny and unless you are a huge history buff, it’s probably not worth the extra 3 euro per person.

 If you liked reading about our visit to Valley of the Temples, you can read more about our travels here.


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